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Microblading Beginner Course

Embark on an exciting journey of expanding your skills and expertise with our 2-day Microblading course specially curated for beginners. This course will equip you with the essential theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to flourish in the blossoming world of cosmetic permanent make-up. As an additional income stream, permanent make-up offers a myriad of possibilities to boost your business, or even set the foundation for a rewarding new career. 

Microblading Beginner Course 2 days (Or 1 day advanced for already qualified permanent make up artists)

Our comprehensive course encompasses an array of topics, including colour theory, anatomy and physiology, colour correction techniques, as well as touch-up visits to ensure client satisfaction. By engaging in extensive hands-on practice with real clients, you’ll be guided in mastering both hair stroke and microshading techniques that result in exquisite and natural-looking brows. With the support of our seasoned permanent artist professionals who boast more than 25 years of industry and training experience, you can trust that you’re acquiring invaluable knowledge. 

As a CPD-accredited course, we take pride in offering an enriching educational experience that will not only elevate your skillset but also demonstrate your commitment to professional development. Upon completing the course, you will be fully insurable, granting you peace of mind as you embark on your journey in the world of permanent make-up. 

By joining our beginner Microblading course, you’ll diversify your offerings and be better positioned to cater to the evolving needs of your clientele. With small class sizes and the support of our expert trainers, you will learn in an intimate and nurturing environment to ensure you reach your full potential. So, why not take that leap forward and supercharge your business or start an exciting new venture with a solid foundation in the art of cosmetic permanent make-up? 

Training Overview

Course Duration

2 Days


Micro feathering 


CPD Accredited qualification


Deposit £100 + vat 
Full price £1495 + vat 
Advanced 1 day price £900 + vat 

This course includes the following techniques: 



Micro feathering 

2 days practical in house training / ( 1 day for advanced - qualified permanent make up artists)

On-line home study

1 assessment day

This course is accessible to everyone regardless of prior experience. A good standard of English is beneficial. 

An artistic flair and a good eye for detail always helps! 

CPD Accredited qualification


Anatomy and Physiology of the skin

Health and safety


Insurance requirements

Colour Theory

Colour Correction

Evaluating Skin Types

Understanding Different Skin Tones



Needle theory

Pigment Choice

Brow Mapping

Live Demonstrations

Working on Live Models 

Buisness Set up

Aftercare Support 

• Ideal for beginners

• Small class sizes

• 2 practical academy days (or 1 for advanced day)

• 1 assessment day

• 2 shadowing days are included.

• Fully Insurable through our trusted partner Insync

• Fully Accredited CPD Qualification

• All Models Provided

• Theory side of training is accessed through on-line portal

• Aftercare Support

• Quality kit included in the price


You must submit 4 case studies to us, with consent forms correctly filled out, and clear before and after photographs.

You have 6 months from leaving us to complete your portfolio.

Once you do, we will provide you with a certificate of successfully completing the course.

Your portfolio should be well-rounded, displaying a variety of techniques and skills. Make sure to include client testimonials or feedback as part of your case studies too!

We look forward to seeing what you can create once you start your career as a permanent make-up artist. Be sure to let us know how you get on!

Deposit £100 + vat 

Full price £1495 + vat 

Advanced 1 day price £900 + vat 

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