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Permanent Makeup Full Course

Are you ready to expand your skill set and learn the latest techniques in cosmetic permanent make-up treatments? Our comprehensive training program will not only enhance your repertoire of services but also increase your business revenue – all while providing top-quality service to your clients. Our course features a blend of online theory and hands-on practical learning that covers color theory, anatomy and physiology, color correction techniques, touch-up visits, and more. By training with the best in the industry, you’ll be primed to excel in the world of permanent make-up artistry. 

Permanent Makeup Full Course

With a focus on mastering the most in-demand cosmetic procedures, our course will introduce you to transformative treatments such as Ombre and hair stroke brows, lip liner and blush, as well as eyeliner and eyelash enhancements. You’ll be guided by our experienced permanent make-up artist professionals who boast over 25 years of industry and training experience. Equipped with their expert instruction and guidance, you’ll perfect your technique and gain real-world experience while working on actual clients during your practical days. 

 Our CPD-accredited course ensures that you’re receiving a high-quality education that is recognized by industry standards. This level of certification, combined with our comprehensive training program, will enable you to practice and perform these treatments with confidence – a skill that is paramount to earning the trust of your future clients. Our course is fully insurable as well, providing you and your clients with additional peace of mind while you apply the skills you’ve learned, building your portfolio and your client base. 

Don’t wait any longer to invest in your future success as a cosmetic professional. By learning these specialized techniques, you’ll not only diversify your range of services but also attract new clients and rejuvenate your business. When you graduate from our course, you’ll be well-prepared to put your newfound skills to work, offering state-of-the-art cosmetic treatments that will set you apart from the competition. With a balance of theory and hands-on instruction coupled with support from our experienced professionals, you’ll be poised to take your career to the next level. 

Training Overview

Course Duration

4 Days


Ombre / Powder brows 
Hair stroke brows 
Lip Line & Lip blush  Classic eye-liner 


CPD Accredited qualification


Deposit £500 + vat Full price £3495 + vat

This course includes the following techniques: 

Ombre / Powder brows 

Hair stroke brows 

Lip Line & Lip blush 

Classic eye-liner 

4 days practical in house training 

On-line home study  

1 assessment day 

This course is accessible to everyone regardless of prior experience. A good standard of English is beneficial. 

An artistic flair and a good eye for detail always helps! 

All our Training Courses are CPD Accredited. On completion you will receive recognised Certification in: 

Micro needling  


Anatomy and Physiology of the skin
Health and safety
Insurance requirements
Colour Theory
Colour Correction
Evaluating Skin Types
Understanding Different Skin Tones
Needle configuration
Machine Knowledge
Pigment Choice
Brow Mapping
Live Demonstrations
Working on Live Models
Business Setup
Aftercare Support

  • Ideal for beginners
  • Small class sizes
  • 4 practical academy days
  • 1 assessment day 
  • 2 shadowing days are included. 
  • High-Quality Starter Kit included 
  • Fully Insurable through our trusted partner Insync
  • Fully Accredited CPD Qualification
  • All Models Provided
  • Theory side of training is accessed through on-line portal
  • Aftercare Support
  • Quality kit included in the price

Get ready to show off your permanent makeup creations! Gather 3 case studies from each technique and make sure you have consent forms filled out properly. Don't forget to include clear before-and-after shots, too - this will be part of the portfolio that demonstrates a variety of techniques and skills. To add an extra touch, consider including client testimonials or feedback related to their experiences with these treatments as well.  

You have 6 months after graduating our course until you must submit all documents for assessment; if it meets our standards we'll provide a certificate validating completion!  

We look forward seeing what talents you bring forth in becoming an expert permanent makeup artist – good luck on this exciting journey! 

We are delighted to share that we have partnered with Insync Insurance Solutions Ltd. Not only is it a great opportunity for our courses and training, but also ensures safety when enrolling onto this course – ensuring medical malpractice/ public liability insurance post completion.  

The CPD Centre of Excellence has accredited all our training courses; so get ready to embark on your aesthetic journey today! 

Prior to enrolling onto this course it is your responsibility to ensure you can obtain Medical Malpractice/ Public Liability insurance on completion. 

Deposit £500 + vat

Full price £3495 + vat

Kit is included in the price.

Li Pigments  

Machine & Cartridges  

1 Mast Tour Pro Rotary Pen 

2 Mast U1 Battery 

2 USB -C charging cord 

20 Mast Pro Cartridges 

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