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Areola Course

Expand your treatments portfolio and elevate your career with our CPD accredited 3D Areola and Nipple Tattoo Course. This comprehensive and in-depth course is designed for experienced permanent makeup or tattoo artists who are looking to broaden their skill set, serve a wider clientele, and ultimately increase their revenue.

Areola Tattooing Training

Our fully insurable course not only offers you the potential to grow your business or venture into a new, exciting field but also provides invaluable knowledge for helping breast cancer survivors and those who have undergone mastectomy surgery. By mastering 3D Areola and Areola Re-pigmentation, you will be able to restore the natural appearance of their breasts, bringing comfort, confidence, and a sense of normalcy back into their lives. 

The course is split into two components: an online theory segment that can be completed at your own pace, followed by practical days working on real clients under expert guidance. Our small class sizes ensure that you get the personalised attention and hands-on experience necessary to thoroughly understand and perfect the techniques involved in creating realistic, natural-looking areolae and nipples. 

Upon completion of the 3D Areola and Nipple Tattoo Course, you will be recognized as a Master Level Artist in the field of areola re-pigmentation. This prestigious title signifies your advanced knowledge and expertise in the industry, making you a sought-after professional for clients seeking the highest-quality results. 

Training Overview

Course Duration

3 Days


Full Areola, Areola Scar Camoflage, Areola size / Colour Change


CPD Qualification


Deposit £100 + vat
Full price £1995+ vat

1. Advanced colour theory, pigment selection, and colour correction techniques for creating realistic and natural-looking areolae and nipples.


2. In-depth understanding of various skin types, scar tissue, and considerations for working on post-mastectomy clients.


3. Mastery of needle configurations, depth, and techniques for smooth pigment application and optimal healing.


4. Techniques for creating custom 3D designs catered to individual clients' preferences, skin tone, and desired outcomes.


5. Extensive hands-on experience, where you will practice on live models under expert supervision, ensuring your skills are refined and you are confident in your ability to perform these procedures independently.


By investing in our 3D Areola and Nipple Tattoo Course, you will not only gain valuable knowledge and expertise but also contribute to the wellbeing and self-esteem of those who have bravely fought breast cancer. So, take the next step in your career, and become a Master Level Artist in areola re-pigmentation, by enrolling in our advanced masterclass today.

This course includes the following techniques:

Full Areola

Areola Scar Camoflage

Areola size / Colour Change

2 days practical in house training 

On-line home study  

1 assessment day 

Suitable for experienced permanent make-up artists, micro blading artists or tattoo artists. The course is not suitable for beginners. 

CPD  Qualification 


Colour selection

Anatomy & physiology of the areola

Understanding mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgeries

The preliminary consultation

Drawing skills to create the illusion of a 3D areola and nipple complex

The colour selection process

Needles and techniques

Techniques for areola and nipple reconstruction following breast cancer

Techniques for enhancing areolae following breast uplift and breast reduction surgery

Tools, machines & products

Client consultation

Consent forms & after-care

Procedure experience with live models

  • Learners are in small groups, no more than 2 people at a time.
  • Perfect for experienced artists wishing to break into the para medical area of permanent make up
  • 2 practical academy training days 
  • Theory side of training is accessed through our on-line portal.  
  • High-Quality Starter Kit available (optional)
  • Fully Insurable through our trusted partner Insync
  • Fully Accredited CPD Qualifications
  • All Models Provided
  • Aftercare Support
  • 1 shadowing day is included


Get ready to show off your permanent make-up Areola creations!  

Gather 3 case studies and make sure you have consent forms filled out properly. Don't forget to include clear before-and-after shots, too - this will be part of the portfolio that demonstrates a variety of techniques and skills. To add an extra touch, consider including client testimonials or feedback related to their experiences with these treatments as well.  


You have 6 months after graduating our course until you must submit all documents for assessment; if it meets our standards we'll provide a certificate validating completion!  


We look forward seeing what talents you bring forth in becoming an expert Areola permanent make-up artist – good luck on this exciting journey! 

  • Deposit £100 + vat

    Full price £1995+ vat

    Kit is not included in the price. This can be purchased through us at an additional cost of £500 + vat

    Our deposits/booking fees are non refundable as per our  Terms & Conditions


Li Pigments

Machine & Cartridges  

1 Mast Tour Pro Rotary Pen 

2 Mast U1 Battery 

2 USB -C charging cord 

20 Mast Pro Cartridges 

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